10 Reasons He's Your Friend and Not Your Boyfriend

No matter how serious a relationship is, there are still signs you need to look out for if really your partner is a boyfriend material or just a friend material. Yes, I've heard a thousand times, that dating your best friend leads to a happy relationship or the guy is a potential husband material. But sorry, that's not a guarantee. It's just like you saying if you marry a comedian, you'd laugh a lot and have a happy union. That's falsehood and does not hold true in every situation. 
Some relationship should end because you feel you're better as friends than lovers. 
Watch out for these signs to know if your male friend belongs to the friend zone or your heart.

You hardly get jealous

Though jealousy is unhealthy but just a tiny bit indicates that you're particularly interested in a person. If he's really a boyfriend material, you'd feel some kind of jealousy when you see him hugging other ladies. If you feel nothing, then he's just a friend. 

You talk about other people

More like gisting, he talks about the cute girl he met recently and you also feel comfortable talking about other guys too. If he's really into you he'd avoid telling you about it in order not to make you upset. 

You're not romantically entangled. 

If he prefers to shake, hug, give a tap at the back rather than bumping into his personal space and do stuffs like kissing, getting close, holding hands after knowing each other for a long time, then he's probably not a potential boyfriend. Boyfriends and girlfriends go the extra mile and do romantic stuffs but friends respect each others space. 

You don't call or text each other regularly

When a guy is into a girl, he acts like crazy. He texts you morning through night on Whatsapp, IMO, Facebook messenger, he literally invades all your social media. They also call often. If they don't get through to you, they call a relative or friend just to speak to you. But friends only call or text once a while. They call probably if something reminds them of you, or you owe them money or gift, or you're absent from a gathering. 

No endearment of any kind

Boyfriends and girlfriends say romantic stuffs to each other. They call each other cute names like My Cupcake, Sugar boo, Love Bug, Lovey Dovey but if he calls you crude names from your primary or secondary school like Slimnikki, Orobo, Duduyemi, Lepa Becky, Talkerella etc. OMG! Who does that?  Only friends do. 

You prefer to spend time with someone else

Sometimes, you feel you need hang out with another person rather than your boyfriend. He's not just on top of the list. He's your friend. Accept it. 

Even if you want to hang out with him, He prefers other friends to be there too. 

If he doesn't enjoy having you and him alone have some sane conversation, madam, just let him be in the friend zone. 

You have secret codes, languages and signs

Most times friends talk in codes so an outsider wouldn't decipher what they are trying to say. Sometimes, you don't need words to talk or describe other people, you just exchange glances and laugh out loud. 

You don't really care about how you look when you're around him

You're care free around him. You feel comfortable wearing just anything. You feel you don't need to slay up for him cos you really don't need to attract him. He knows you already. Or if you try to attract him by wearing a short dress, instead of him saying, wow, you look beautiful, he would say, see your yam leg or toothpick thighs........ Lol. You laugh it off too. 

You don't see a future together 

Even your instinct is able to detect this. Just stay as friends and leave the lover thing to a potential lover boy. 

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