25 Heartfelt Love Messages For Your Girlfriend ♥♥♥

These texts are a fraction of my long list treasure of love messages.
As far back as in JSS2, I started trying out writing love messages as anonymous to my crushes. Sadly, it never got to them cos I only write and keep them for future use. Lol.

Also, helping my brothers and male friends compose love messages to their girlfriends was a stronghold. It literally became a hobby and I'm so loving it.

Texting intriguing love messages are one of the ways to keep the love growing. It works like magic. 

I remember vividly I fell for a smooth-fingered guy through text. Those love messages he sent made me fall for him. Truth is, I barely know this guy and funny enough we never got the chance to meet in person. And I really do hope his texts are as sweet as him in real life.

Enjoy my top 20 love messages.

Your smile makes me linger on
    Your touch makes me wanna stay
    You trigger my emotions
    You bring out the best in me
    I can't love you less
    My beautiful cupcake

The moment I met you
     I know you were the one for me
     I had to quit shilly-shallying
     Because it was love at first sight
     Stay with me
     Let's make history together

I adore you every moment
    Even nature reminds me of you
    Whenever I pass by a flower
    I admire its petals and sniff its scent
    It reminds me of how beautiful you are and  forever want you to be my cologne.

I love you more today than I ever did yesterday
    Tomorrow's love is gonna be greater
    And many more days as long as we both shall live.

Without you, I feel desolate
You bring me joy, 
You restore good memories
I always want to be wrapped around your arms
I always want to be with you. 

Those goose bumps moment we spend together
The funny faces you make
The way you walk in those heels
The way you talk
The way you sing your favourite song
I'm in awe of you 
Love me tender

You get me intoxicated
Like fine wine, you are a quality chic
My immeasurable yard of wife material
You worth more than Screaming Eagle Cabemet Sauvignon of the 1992

I'm a prince charming 
I needed a princess charming
I found you
Now we're picture perfect

Who's the preetiest of all? 
Me : My bae
Who has the most dashing personality? 
Me: My bae
I tell them I love you like our unforgettable first kiss
I cherish you like the priceless diamond 
You are my alter ego

I love you more than free Wi-Fi 
I love you more than fried dodo
I love you more than free movie tickets 
I love you more than the mouth watering feeling I get when I see Domino's Pizza
I love you more than the satisfaction I catch when I get a first class CGPA
You are my world. 

If loving you is a task, 
Then it's as easy as breathing in air
'Cause you're my favourite lung. 

You slay in every pic
You're a smartass too
I always slide in your DM
Because I love you unconditionally. 

The last time I asked you if I could drive you , I thought I was a pro, but you are the expert
Your love is like a roller coaster, it drives me crazy leaving me with wild thoughts and chilly feelings

Kiss me with those soft lips
Touch me with those tender palms
I want to feel something
I want to feel love

If I ever wanna study anything,  it would be the chemistry of your beauty.

Darn it! You're pretty. 

You are my very own Miss World. 

How amazing you've been! 
How wonderful and adorable you are to be. 
You call me my desire and I feel like I've found it all
My woman crush everyday
The LOML. 

Together we become happy, joyful and filled with laughter. 
Words can't describe my love. 
Wish I could open my heart for you to see
Then, you'll know it's filled with you. 
I love you dearly. 


My desire, 
The woman behind my daily smile. 
I love you wholeheartedly. 
At this point, I can't cut it off cos I'm drowned in your ocean of love. 


In my quest for love, I had a lot of expectations. 
But when I found you, you were so different
And I wanna say I love you with all your imperfections. 

You brighten up my day
You make every moment with you worthy
My day can't be complete without you
You're my present and future. 


No matter how you feel about yourself today, remember there's at least one person who thinks you're the most competent, awesome, amazing person in the world. 


I don't feel the same way I felt about you when I first met you, I love you a million times more! I didn't know you when I met you and now I've fallen in love with you. 


I love you. I cry over you when you threaten to leave me. It's not because I'm emotional but because losing you is a pain to my heart. I miss you and cannot forget you. You're always on my mind. 


If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes, only then would you realise how special you are to me. 


I thought I was complete and fulfilled even when I knew I was going through hell and emotional instability but in the middle of my chaos, there was you. You are an angel and I love you. 

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