5 ways to make a girl interested in you

Endeavour to devour this.

One of my favourite hobby is meeting people and conversing with them. Trust me, I've spoken to over a thousand guys in the last couple of months and sure it's been fun.

But there is a *but*......Majority of the guys don't really get me interested in talking to them afterwards and so many ladies can testify to that.

And honestly, this is one of the most basic steps of getting a girl. I call this the law of attraction. 

Now let's talk about these set of guys and how to bring them out of their sticky wickets.....
*5 jaw breaking, awesome, fabulous, intense tips to let her interested in you.*

1. Dress well not necessarily expensive or out of fashion. Please brush your teeth too and don't forget to spray some nice magical mist.

2. Guy when you see the babe, make your presence felt, let her know you're around. Exchange glances, speak loud and clear let her hear but please don't start saying trash like how rich your father is or you just earned a PhD in whatever, nobody cares tho'.

3. Be supercool with everything you do. Be yourself. Don't be nervous or shy. Just act decent. Be comfortable and be a playful-seeming guys. Girls will fall for you.

4. When you see the babe. Use your swags well. Pose well, stand straight, wink, raise an eyebrow, lick lips, give that cute face.....lol.... I will just stop othere.

5. You have to look confident and powerful. Girls love confident guys. To me, I feel like it shows that they know what they really want. 


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