I'm a pretty lady, I don't poop

I'm a pretty lady, I don't poop

In my heels
I stride with confidence
My makeup is not a false disguise
I slay with pride

I go ballistic
When they say I 'form'
They do not understand
I am a phenomenal woman
Everything I am, I am

Moments I'm called beautiful
I treasure with pleasure
My high cheek bone blushing
In my slender or thicker body

You feel intimidated to talk to me
Cos I am your ideal woman
Your mirage of an angel in heaven
My lips are your fantansy

I am a pretty woman
I do not poop
Even if I do
I do not want you to know
About the weird faces I make in the loo
And those shallow breathe
Like I am lifting a fifty pound dumbell

This is dedicated to all ladies. 

Thanks for your unending support. 
I'm kinda busy for now, prepping for exams and afterwards, I'm gonna be here fully to share all of my experiences. 

Love y'all. 

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