As they say, money brings one's life to full fruition.πŸ’ΈπŸ’° 
Often times, ladies come across questions 
like 'would you date an ugly, out-of-shape guy with millions in his account or a cute, tall, physically fit guy without kobo in his account?' 
The common answers are usually 'I can't settle for less' or our favourite Nigerian question-for-question answers like 'who cuteness epp?' or 'is six packs food?'.... 😁😁😁

In higher institutions, ladies often ditch their course mate boyfriend or age group boyfriend in the long run because he is unable to meet certain needs and go for older guys or sugar daddies who have made it in life, for example, a guy who can give them a large sum of money without batting an eye.

Below are non-negotiable reasons ladies demand money from guys

Peer Pressure

Generally, we all can't  be the same. We come from various backgrounds with financial differences.
Let's take a female hostel as a case study. In every room, ladies tend to talk about several things like clothing, cosmetics, body enhancing supplements, social media, shows, aso-ebi, etc.
These stuffs don't just exist, they cost money.
The pressure from acquiring these stuffs and to 'be on the same level with their mates' makes them change course and conform to trends.
Yeah, apart from the pocket money their parents manage to savour, they expect their boyfriends to also help out in some ways. It's not ladies' fault tho',  it's just keeping up with trend and staying in vogue.

Society norm

According to most Nigerian customs and tradition, it is a known myth that men work harder than women and therefore earn more than women- a mere misconception. With this societal influence on an average woman thinking, ladies feel it is manly for a man to take care of her needs therefore they keep asking and never stop asking for money.

Comfort and lifestyle

Every lady's dream is to live without stress and with enough luxury. Every girl wants to own the latest iPhone, gadgets, shoes,  clothing, etc. They want to have enough for themselves to show off to the media and friends. And keeping up with this, often require a rich background or rich boyfriend or at least someone who's got their back with money every time.

The fallacy of a woman's beauty

As they say, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Some ladies believe a woman can use her beauty to get what she wants. In many instances, women use their beauty as preferences to ask a guy for a free meal, movie tickets etc.
In actual fact, most guys think a beautiful lady will have an interest in them when they impress her with gifts and tend to be super nice. Some men fall into this trap of being Mr. Nice guy in the hope of being loved in return. Some smartass lady I trust, take advantage of men like this and demand for money. These men are often victims of a woman's beauty.

Inability of a guy to recognise his girlfriend's needs

Some guys are very ignorant of their partner's needs. Take for instance, Temi is David's girlfriend and has been wearing a hairstyle for up to three months. A responsible guy should be able to know that his girlfriend needs to change her hairstyle or at least ask her why it's taking so long to get the hair off. Any reason the lady gives should be properly attended to. A man should know when his woman needs money without being told.

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