National Boyfriend's Day

Yaaaay, it's 3rd of October and today is a not-yet-official boyfriend day but we decided to celebrate and compliment our boyfriends or boy friend with that space indicating friendzone. We say we love you - From all the ladies in world. 

Whether it's quixotic, Platonic or intimate relationship we have with you, we celebrate you. 
We love you cos you've been our BFFs
We love you cos you've been with us through our thick and thin moments ( during our period pain, your kind words works like magic and the pain goes away) 
We love you cos you've always cared about us and we make a top list in your brotherhood conversation. 

So, today if you have a special boy either you're crushing on or in love with, get him a gift, take him to the movies, on a meal date or just spend quality time with them. Make them feel special. 

If you have no idea of what to ask him today, don't worry, I've got you covered. Try these my top 5 questions
- What habit do you have that you think many other people don't have? 
-What makes you nervous? 
- What are the manliest and least manly thing you've ever done? 
- What was the best thing about how your parents raised you? 
-What movie was so sad you'd never watch again? 

Happy National Boyfriend's Day. 

Photo with humans credit: Noble (My FB friend) 

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