How to Be A Perfect Gentleman On A First Date

It's a new year already. Everyone is getting into the new year spirit with new resolution, new values and most especially new relationships.
Last year, I published 5 ways to make a girl interested in you. You can click on it, if you haven't read it through. It has helped a lot of my male friends and some of them are considering taking it to the next level.

First, consider a good approach to asking her out for a date. Don't make it feel like you're putting her under pressure to hang out with you. If she says she's busy, give her enough time before asking again.
When she finally agrees to go out with you, give her plenty notice before the set day. Girls like to prepare in advance and not in a jiffy.

On first date, don't ask her to meet you at wherever you have chosen as your first date spot, instead, go and pick her up from her doorstep.
If she tells you she would leave at a particular time, kindly stick to it. It shows respect. Unless she says otherwise later, remind her of the time she's supposed to leave.

If you're at a restaurant where there's no doorman, do her a favour of opening the door.

Don't forget your table manners.

If you ask her what she wants and she says anything, order for the best food or pizza or ice cream and pay for everything.

As they say, manners matter, good looks are a bonus, humour is a must. Keep a plain and humorous conversation. Girls love to laugh a lot. Don't say stuffs you'd not be proud of if you remember the moment you spent together. Don't go vulgar and start talking about obscene stuffs. The girl will only see you as a fuck boy.

Most importantly, be real. Be confident. Be you.

Never expect a kiss at first date. Don't dare so you won't end up embarrassing yourself. Only if she leans for a kiss but if she doesn't, don't push it.

Finally, drop her where she lives, go home and keep the conversation going by text.

If you play your cards well as a gentleman, perhaps she'd be hoping for another date sooner. But if you've messed up the game, she might not acknowledge another date or even your calls.

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  1. Helpful! talking about kiss on first date or any date, what are signs a girls give or body language if she wants a kiss, its hard understanding girls at times (in fact every time )

  2. What can I say
    you covered everything
    Really Nice

  3. Nice one here Time. Always a delight to read your thoughts.


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