Sexting : The Sauce of Every Modern Relationship

Controversially, sexting is another subject people shy away from. From the words 'sex' and 'text',  sexting was coined. It is the exchange of dirty flirty thoughts, sexual fantasies and explicit photos through digital media- Shall I say it's a form of digital romance or smartphone sexiness? Sure it is. 

Being in a relationship can sometimes reach the height of boredom. The thing goes like this, you text, you hook up at a spot talk about your new job, new apartment, shopping, games and movies. Sometimes, you end up getting on each other's nerves and all those dramas in between. You've probably heard of people ending their relationships because they are unable to keep the spark alive especially when they are far away from each other.  Sexting is an escapade when faced with communication obstacles in a relationship especially the long distance one. 

Recent studies have shown that majority of people spend more time on their phones or PCs. Since technology has proven to be unstoppable, we should flow with the trend and leverage it even in our sexual lives. 

Sexting is an art. It requires skills and creativity. You may fail at it if you're not cautious. The same way you seduce your partner with your looks and all, you can do the same with messing with their thoughts through mesmerizing and hypnotizing text messages. Sexting gives you an edge in today's competitive dating scene. It could rejuvenate a placid relationship. Sexting works like magic and this is not an exaggeration. 

Texting each other in a relationship doesn't have to be any of the following all the time
"Hello, how are you' and the response 'I'm fine and you? '
“What's up with the weekend?' Response: I will be going for an uncles wedding
"Have you had breakfast? "
The above can become boring and monotonous along the line.
What about waking up to any of these
"I know you want me unclad for breakfast this morning"
"My lips are charred, the balm missing is you"
"Here's my plan for the weekend - me, you, wine, bedroom. The end. "
Beautiful isn't it? 

Sexting is another aspect of normal human sexual behaviour.
Keep your partner in high anticipation of your presence. Send a bikini photo. If you and your partner are new to sexting, you can put out a feeler first to avoid some awkward moments. Sexting should be consensual. If it turns out fine by both of you, you might sent all day and this gives some kind of sexual satisfaction and keeps you genuinely interested in your partner.

You can also see it as a way of giving attention to your significant other - of course every one craves for this kind of attention like me and my boyfriend spending four hours texting each other. That's a relationship goal. 

However, we've seen sexting go wrong sometimes. Conversation and nude pictures getting leaked to a third party. So, there's a need to be careful when sending raw photos especially when you're not a married couple or in a committed relationship because once it is sent, it is sent, there's no turning back the hands of time. 

Whatever it is, it's fun to sext. Let your fingers do the talking and enjoy the new world of sexting.


  1. Last last, it's you that will kill me... THIS Is nice

    1. Lol, πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ. You wee nor die

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    1. Lol... What kind of girls have you been with tho'?

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    I'll employ this method in my new relationship.

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    A nice piece of work.

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  9. Wowww sexting is really important in relationships atimes it even because you wanna really have sex but to know the level of intimacy you relationship got.. i like this toke thumbs up

  10. Wowww sexting is really important in relationships atimes it even because you wanna really have sex but to know the level of intimacy you relationship got.. i like this toke thumbs up

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