5 Romantic Texts That Will Blow Her Mind + More

See that smile? That's me when I receive a mind blowing text from my crushes, admirers, potential boyfriends and just random obsessed stranger. Lmao  

Trust me, you can always win a girl's heart with text messages. As I always tell my friends, love is an art. Art requires skills. So, we can say, love requires skills. Texting is just one of them.Others are in my delicate book. Hopefully share them later.

So I will be sharing some crazy, witty, sweet, outrageously funny messages I got lucky to receive from dem boys.

Love is unique when it is genuine
All I consider is me and you
You are dependably at the top of my priority list
I adore you my young lady
You will dependably be in my heart
My six-word romantic tale
'I can't envision existence without you'
You are my life
You are my beginning and end
Multi days without you means multi days without sunshine
I cherish you.

It came just when I got off from bed. There couldn't be a better morning text. Couldn't stop blushing about it. My roommate literally got pissed cos I couldn't keep my damn mouth shut. He sent me this. Check the time, It's 7;04. He probably dreamt about me. He was thinking of me all night...... blacks out......

You are a really sweet girl
Last night was amazing. Next to me at the cinema was you.
A girl I probably thought would never talk to me.
I hope it was just a sneak peek of what's to come

So I get this 'Toke, you're proud' a lot. Just to prove that I'm just a totally cool girl who loves to keep her sanity and innocence, I decided to hang out with him at the cinemas. Yenno, It was totally cool. He was honest tho' but never had another date. Whatever went wrong, I didn't know. Maybe we didn't just connect.

How was your night?
Good vibes overshadow you Mother of Dragons
Beautiful girl, live your life in happiness, fulfillment and confidence
Cos one dedicated idiotic bastard crazily wishes you well and likes you like motherfxckingly mad

This is just an outrageous and annoying text but somehow I felt powerful like Khaleesi. Lol. Oh well, I told him I didn't like it and he shouldn't have gone so far. Maybe he got offended and he never texted me again. He's a big fan of my blog so if you're reading this, I'm sorry bro.

Hi baby girl
You're so lucky I've got self-control
I had to use the energy I have to keep my hands off you
I had a great time with you. The talks and all.
You are so full of life. Goodnight

 Maybe I'm a good talker. Lol. I love the compliments. I would have probably accused you of sexual harassment if you did touch me. But he was such a gentleman. The ones we meet in front of the hostel. Lol

I love you more than free Wi-Fi
I love you more than fried dodo
I love you more than free movie tickets
I  love you more than the mouth watering feeling I get when I see Domino's Pizza
I love you more than the satisfaction I catch when I get a first class CGPA
You are my world.

Maaaad ooooo. Maaaaaad oooo. Naso he take talk am ooo. Wherever this text came from, I hope it's real. Cos honestly nobody can compete with my dodo or free movie ticket or Wifi. Even Pizza? C'mon bro, you got to be kidding me.

So, I compiled a list of 25 amazing texts to your girlfriend. Click here to view

Guys, do you like this?

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  1. Chinese_g.i.r.l18/07/2019, 22:19

    No 3 is so extra��

  2. I can't believe u got no 3 from a guy. Like it's just off. I love the 25 other in the new link.

    1. Lol... I actually did. Thanks a lot for checking the other link. More to come

  3. Can't i just drop a thumbs up and walk away unnoticed.maybe not so many of us love to comment all the time

  4. Thank you. I see you sweets

  5. No 5 lmaooooo

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