Get Out of the Friendzone Now, Time Is Ticking

August 14, 2019

At a point in our lives we all have someone we crush on but never become close with. And sometimes, we get lucky enough to be friends with our crush. The feeling of ecstasy and happiness we get from hanging out with them is enough to feed the butterflies in our tummies. But you secretly wish you guys were dating for real, for real.

Lemme help you out a little to arrange your work so that you can eat your work in front of the carton eventuarry. To get out from the friend zone, you need to change your behavior, stop playing small. She needs to see you as a potential boyfriend.
Here are five things you need to change.

Get Your Flirty Self Together

Flirting is a good tool to go from platonic friends to full-blown date potential. There are six codes to it and it is the HOT APE code authored by Jean Smith in the 'Flirt Interpreter' book I laid my hands on recently. Don't be boring, there are a million things to make a joke from, try Humor.  Open body language allows you express yourself and you can interact with it. Touch her tender - beginner's guide is holding hand. Get some coins and pay Attention to her. Stay close, Proximity matters a lot and lastly, your Eye Contact game must be lit.
Since it's a digital world, send them flirty messages, you can cop some here. Follow them on Instagram, like their pictures and comment on their posts. 

Compliment Is Like Pouring Water First

Ok, that title kinda sound creepy. Lol. A wise man once said that 'Pour water in front of you so that you'll step on a wet ground'. Every girl loves compliments. It gives us our most Awwwwn moments. And trust me, girls always know when a compliment is true and when you're just flattering her instinctively. A compliment once in a while might just break the ice.

Stop Saying Let's Hangout, Say Let's Go on A Date

Change your choice of words. When you say let's hangout, it's what friends do for each other but when you say let's go out on a date, she's probably going to look forward to whatever you have to say. If she agrees to go on the date, you guys are getting there. If you're nervous about your date, see some tips here

Is She Responding?

Never assume a girl will naturally like you or would want to date you. Watch her response, does she seem interested in you? By the end of your date, she will likely have picked up your intention and you'll also have a better idea about whether she shares your feelings or not. Let your mind be active and see if she reciprocates your interest. In other words, if you totori her one time and she totori you two times then...

Shoot Your Shots!

Take the risk and put your heart on the line beacause anyways, nobody gets out of the friendzone by staying quiet. Shoot your shots subtly. Who knows? She might be secretly trying to get out of the friendzone too. Be bold and have fun.

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  1. Such a nice post..
    I've been finding a way to convert myself to a potential boyfriend to this girl who have been my friend since highschool. I've tried so many tricks but non work. By taking ur method into practice, I hope things work out for me this time around.

    1. I hope it works too. Cheers to a new relationship in advance.

  2. This is really nice!


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