You can be affectionate without sexual intentions, here's how

You love her. She loves you in return. Now you both are in a relationship. One day, you make a move, she declined and told you she doesn't want sex. What to do now? Two things would cross your mind, either you break up cos you can't keep up or you avoid to be caught up in situations that may cause any sort of intimacy.

What if I told you that you do not need sex to feel close and connected.

Intimacy is the bedrock of every relationship. While sex is a bit technical, consensual and short term, intimacy goes a long way in determining relationship success.

In my relationship, I love to create intimacy through genuine conversation and other ways that naturally occurs to me when I'm with someone I love.

Here are some of them

Admiring : Spend time looking into your partner's eyes. It creates some kind of intimacy and closeness.

Appreciation and Encouragement : Say thank you for everything even the insignificant ones that is a normal thing a boyfriend should do for a girlfriend. If your partner is doing something new, try to encourage them.

Touching : Touching in a non sexual way, holding hands and hugging are ways of showing affections to your partner.

Do Stuff Together : You and your partner can engage in one activity or the other together. For example, shopping, praying and sharing faith, exercising, cooking, etc

Caressing : You may lay on the bed and caress each other non sexually and talk about the first time you met each other.

Communicate Frequently : Engage your partner in deep conversation about things that matter. You could do this while sitting close or at short distances over a table. This creates a connection.

While sex plays a larger role in many people's relationship, it doesn't have to preside over other important aspects. You can build deep connection through physical and emotional intimacy without sex and create affectionate moments.

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    1. Amazing piece that's so scintillating indeed..
      A clear, display of intelligence,..witty stuff I'll say. I'm Impressed Toke

  2. Good read. Only that our sexual desires as young adults has risen to maddening heights. It takes heavy discipline to not do what others are doing now

    1. Yes. That is very true. But as seemingly impossible as it is, it is very much possible

    2. Thank you for these reminders. Intimacy shouldn't be only about sex.

    3. Very definitely, intimacy shouldn't be about sex alone.

  3. There are lovable ways of showing affection

  4. Fantastic 💣🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


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