The Love Escapades of a Broke Guy 3


 Immediately the worship session ended, I picked up my bible, I headed for the exit not without taking another gaze at sister Mary, My heart always missed a beat any time I stared at her, I have never felt this way towards any other woman, although I have had a fair share of women in my life. As I exited the church through the side door, I could hear a short female usher whisper to another female usher “no ask am where him dey go o, just leave am make him dey go, he never wait till service go finish before”, from the direction of their eyes I could tell they were talking about me. I smiled to myself “wetin concern dem with my own matter”.

Growing up was hard, my dad’s stroking and drinking habits ensured it was. Till his death, he didn't really gain control of his left hand after Baba Titi nearly took it off. He couldn't get his life back on track even with many persuasions from friends and family, he got deeper into stroking and alcohol. Funny as it may sound, my father died while stroking. Amongst his friends and those who knew him, he was regarded as a stroking legend. So many times, I had always asked myself why my mum kept on living with him even when his promiscuity became well known in the neighborhood, I have never had the courage to ask her though.

Personally, I have had my own fair share of struggles, yet I am always optimistic there is a big break awaiting me anytime soon. My optimism has been my greatest motivation. Although I derive succor from stroking, this succor, I believe comes because during stroking every thought on my predicaments decides to go on vacation thereby creating this feeling of tranquility around me. Albeit, this tranquility is temporary, my predicaments come running back, biting hard at me usually as painful as possible, sometimes I wish I can keep on stroking till forever if that will make the succor last forever.

"Bro please don't forget the ten thousand Naira you promised me", that was the content of the message I received from my younger sister. I have two younger siblings, Fiyinfolu and Williams. Fiyinfolu is the youngest child, she is my major tax collector. Chiefly, she is one of the reasons I am usually broke. One could have thought my stroking partners would have been a major drain on my finance but yet they aren't. The truth is this, unlike my father, my stroking partners are carefully selected, I go a great length in ensuring that my stroking sessions come at little or no cost and maximum quality derived.

Ever since the demise of my father, the breadwinner responsibilities shifted onto my fragile shoulders. From my little income, I try to take care of the bills, cater for my mum and my siblings. Lagos and the economy of things always find a way of messing things up. Prices keep rising astronomically while my pay from work crawls so slow I once thought the snail is faster. Also, the workload at the office keeps increasing. Every time I step into the office, it always feels like I won't leave the office alive, the emails keep coming, my supervisor keeps breathing down my neck, even my colleagues are so demanding that I always find myself repeating this prayer "Baba God, this work no go end me". 

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