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Post #EndSARS : How to Conquer Mental Fatigue After Weeks of Protests

The #EndSARS protest started as vibrant, energetic, and a strong call to ending police brutality, harassment, extortion, and kidnapping in Nigeria.  On 20/10/2020, peaceful protesters at the Lekki Tollgate, Lagos, were shot at by the Military thereby leaving a lot of people dead, injured and even those who managed to escape the scene were left mentally scarred from the horrific incident.What was thought of as a movement that could bring the Nigerian government to accountability and reform turned out to be a massacre and a lot of hoodlums have used this avenue to loot and burn down private and public establishments in Lagos and other states in Nigeria?To add to, social media has been saturated with a lot of unverified news and old videos from horrible events in the past have resurfaced enabling the spreader to gain more tractions.The reality of this is that the notion of the #EndSARS movement has been hijacked and has been unquestionably decided by completely uncontrollable circumstance…

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