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The Love Tale: The Lies and Truth About Relationships

I want to tell a love tale that centers around the lies and truth associated with every of our relationships. It all has to do with every of our love escapades, both the good and the bad. We all have our love tales to tell, some of which we are happy to tell everyone who cares to listen while for some, we can only tell the tales to ourselves because they are forbidden for other ears. Everyone has gotten his/her love tale. Our story line may differ but regardless of the difference in our love tales, every of our love tales has gotten three fundamentals. " The beginning, The Sacrifices and The Goals".
The Beginning The beginning is the origin of things. This is where all of our love tales began. Every love tale has gotten a beginning. This is the point at which love was triggered on our inside. The beginning truth is this: " Love always finds us","Nobody falls in love". Even the hardest of persons has gotten love locked up somewhere inside the heart, it only …

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