I never wanted to fall in love
Because I thought it was never a prority
I idolized my career more
My life was ideal
And I never fell for any love opportunity

Once, I gave it a chance
Just like in the fairy tales, I wished for a 'happy ever after with him alone'

Love was this beautiful
Love was this alluring
He filled my thoughts
And manifested in my thinking

It was full of passion
I gave all my attention
Was very full of affection
And never fail to still give all my prepossession

Yeah, we celebrated every year
Of how strong we were
Because breakup wasn't near
Love I still wanted to share

My world crumbled
It was right before my own eyes
He cheated
He lied
He backstabbed
Yet I loved him still

I fought to win him back
I wept
I sought for a love elixir ; I found not
I realised love is delusional
Love was never real
I was right from the onset

I became a judge of my own character
I was imperfect for him
All night I thought of that
I felt torn, broken and slagged myself many times
I didn't want to leave
He left
It's now me and the world

I was imperfect for him!
I was insufficient
for him!

This is what I still feel
Take me out of my Shangri-La
I want some peace in my cerebral drama

I want to fall in love again
Without thinking I have to be perfect for him.

Toke's handwriting
Kindly rate my work in the comment section.
It would be highly appreciated.


  1. This is one of the master piece love poem.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thank you Tosin for the encouragement. Lord be with you.

  4. Thank you Tosin for the encouragement. Lord be with you.

  5. Toke suave, this is nice, it's a good one..

  6. Beautiful piece of art ... good job.


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