The African Model Exhibition 2018

The African Model Exhibition, TAME, is a platform created for the celebration of African Models, creating awareness for African models and cloth designers. One of its objectives is to serve as a launching pad to international recognition for new and aspiring models and to show to the world the culture and beauty of Africa. 

On June 25th 2017, the African Model Exhibition was held at Lekki Astoria Event Centre, Lagos. It was colour fully set ablaze by conglomeration of African Models. It was a convergence of the acme of models from across Africa for the maiden edition of The African Models Exhibition #TAME 2017. It features participants and delegates from Benin, Cameroon, Cote d'lviore, Ghana and of course Nigeria and Togo. 
The rich colorfulness accrued from such diverse culture that influence fashion and art is one that cannot be imagined. It was an event in which the memories etched afterwards were indelible. 

The models were lodged at Citilodge Hotel, a prestigious one known for its feel-at-home satisfaction. 
Awards were also presented to designers who showed distinction in their art. The categories include
* Most Outstanding model
* Most Outstanding Cloth Designer
* Most Outstanding Make Up Artist
* Model of the Year ( male and female categories)
* Fast Rising Model of the Year (male and female categories) 
* Next Rated Model (male and female categories) 
* Best Designer and; 
* Make Up Artist of the Year

The media partners were Delarue TV, Eagle TV, Galaxy TV,  Hip TV and City People Magazine. 

At the post event, the organizers, models and cloth designers visited some governors and media houses in Cameroon and Togo. 
#TAME 2017 was a hit and featured a high level of professionalism in all aspects. 
What should we expect from TAME 2018?
Trust me, it's going to be a massive and unforgettable event and an upgraded version of TAME 2017. The question is

Where would you be? 

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