The Thing About Breakups II

If you're reading this, I hope you've gone through 'The Thing About Breakups I'. If you haven't, you're just a click away. Click on it and read.

I want to share some tips on how to feel better after a breakup.

1. Deal with your emotions.

If crying makes you feel better, please do. Don't hide under the mask of being happy when in reality you're not.

2. Take Good Care of Yourself

Eat good food, sleep a lot and take time to exercise. If you feel a lot of pain in your head, visit a pharmacy, get a painkiller. You'll be fine. 

3. Be Realistic When Thinking About your Ex

First, accept the fact that no one is perfect. Be honest with yourself. Try to remember the things that didn't go well with both of you. It makes it easier to move on. 

4. Give Yourself Some Space

Avoid your ex for a while after the breakup. You don't necessarily have to shut your ex out tho. Just avoid contacts. It would help you move on easily. 

5. Take Time Out For Yourself

Keep yourself busy especially at weekends when you have a lot of free time. During this period, you could go see a movie, listen to music, meditate, pray, relax, visit friends or play sports. 

6. Talk To A Trusted Friend or Family Member

You can always get help if you're open minded to someone you trust. They can give you the support you'll need at that particular time. Talking things through with others will give you another perspective. 

7. Don't Use Drugs or Alcohol

You might be tempted to take alcohols to deal with the pain but on the long run, the pain comes back with so much effect. Kindly stay away from drugs. Give it time, you'll heal. 

When Your Ex Moves On, What Should You Do? 

If this happens, just stay calm. Try to avoid thinking about them being with someone else as this can be very painful. Don't contact your ex or lash out at them for being in a new relationship. It won't make you feel any better. 
If you're struggling with anger or jealousy, talk to someone about it and get help. 

Do You Need Help to Deal With Breakups? 

I can be of help. I'll listen. I know breakups hurt and sometimes it could be so serious and lead to psychological disorders like depression or even a suicidal attempt. There are cases where a girl killed herself because her boyfriend dumped her and another one that stabbed her boyfriend dead because he cheated. If you're struggling with moving on, it's important you talk to someone you completely trust. 

Are You Planning to Break Up With Someone? 

If you're planning to break up with someone, please try to be considerate in ending the relationship. Think about how you'd want to be treated in the same situation. End things in a way that respects the other person but be honest. Don't just break up without a reason. State why you can't move on with them and why. 
Also, understand that the other person is likely to get hurt or perhaps angry about your decision. 
Most importantly, end the relationship face-to-face wherever possible. Never end a relationship by text or calls. It's really rude and shows lack of courage. 

Do You Want to Start A New Relationship? 

If you're thinking about a new relationship after a break up, take all the time you need in beginning another relationship. Think about what you want in your next relationship but try to be confident about being single for a while. 
Life is beautiful. 

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  1. What if the whole relationship thing was all in your head because well, the guy NEVER asked you to be his girlfriend. Can you blame him when he "breaks up" with you? Can there be a break up without a relationship? Can you please write something about a relationship being in your head because you wanted it, not because the other person asked you.I really want to know your view on this kind of stuff because it seems like a psychological issue or maybe an obsession to me. Thanks.

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    Thank you for your comment. I'll surely write about that in due time.

    But if a guy never asked you out, it means he never wanted a relationship with you. Even if you're so sure he likes you, there's really no harm in you talking him to define the kind of relationship he wants with you. You need to be open about the way you feel and save yourself from hurt in the future.

    I think this should help. But if you're still not satisfied. Please make a special request by hitting me up on IG@toke_suave.


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