How to Transform Your Love Life

First, you must love God, love yourself, accept your flaws, be resilient and be willing to try again before you can love anyone else or even expect someone to love you.
When a romantic relationship goes sour, it's easy to put the blame on someone else and yourself. You can also start to figure out that the problem is you and feel a need to shut everyone out. Here's me giving you tips on how to transform your love life.

 Don't Be So Close-minded And Judgemental

If you ask every lady and guy the kind of person they would like to date or 10 things they look out for in a man or woman, there would be answers even ridiculous ones that leaves you speechless but this is preventing you from finding the perfect lover. That man you're searching for is an ideal man and he probably doesn't exist outside your dreams and fantasies.
I mentioned resilience earlier, this means be opened to meeting new people that don't necessarily meet your concocted standards. While there  are a few necessary standards ( like sharing life and relationship goals and beliefs) others (like physical appearance) should be opened to change.

Change Your Perspective
Your terrible past experiences are exactly that they are in your past. Keep them there! Not every man or woman is the same and love doesn't always fail. If you can change that mindset of negative influences of your past, then you can create a new life.

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