Everything You Need To Know About Guys

I had the advantage of growing up with a lot of guys while I was younger and sometimes, I don't consider myself fit in girls' world. I used to be a tom boy at one point in my life. I was rugged, naughty and very defensive - typical of a girl who grew up with guys right? But all those hormonal changes, puberty nonsense and all the catching feelings thingy for a guy reshaped me.
Now, I'm a proud young woman and it's the most beautiful thing growing up to be one and finding the true essence of what being a woman feels like .

I'm spilling the truth about guys that you don't know.

  • Most guys love their favorite sport than you.
  • Most guys don't know how to express themselves. They'd rather bottle up their emotions and feelings and act like they never liked you anyway.
  • Every guy likes it when you compliment them.  Their skills, talent, manly behaviour and strength. I guess it elevates their ego. They are wired that way.

  • If a guy is into you, calls you and text the hell out of you, he really likes you or he has a crush on you or he's totally in love with you or it's sakamanje.
  • Guys actually cry too. In my life time, I've only seen one. It was so emotional and sweet. Before then though, I used to think guys are superheros.
  • Guys don't take criticisms personally as girls do. 
  • Guys cheat but they know where their hearts belong.
  • A guy won't respect you unless you respect yourself.
  • The least you can offer a guy is sex. He can always get it from anywhere. Psychologically, men love to have sex. Woman have sex to be loved.
  • Guys masturbate and they hate to talk about it. *excuse me that's from a guy's diary o. It's not my handwriting*
  • Guys will always check other ladies out. It's almost out of their control.
  • Guys get nervous too. Say on a first date, when they are about to experience heartbreaks, when they see a girl they like with another guy.
  • Guys love to go naked around the house. True or not?
  • Guys have inherit the desire to be popular. So, he who controls the attention is high status and sexually attractive. But they pretend they are too good to care about popularity. Now we know your jinx.
  • Guys actually compare and contrast between small p and oversized p. Hahahaha
  • Guys get horny 30 times more than females. Explains why they can't just hold themselves together. Lol
  • Guys favourite lines are ' I can't live without you', 'You complete me', 'Life is meaningless without you' blah blah blah. Sometimes true, most times scam aiyeraye.
  • Some guys don't have XY chromosome. If you can relate, thank you.
Thanks for reading through.
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  1. Your contents are worth reading over and over again.

    Buh That sakamanje part, I don't get what you mean o. I just hope its not what I'm thinking sha. �� �� ��

  2. IT IS a lovely WELL written peice of work, keep the good work Miss TS, sure you know who calls you that��. Well not all your above points are true about me��

  3. Nice piece as always Toke, but why you con reveal all our secrets like this, what have we done to deserve this. Anyways, you will be forgiven if you balance the equation. By the way, what is sakamanje

  4. You just cast us sha
    Nice piece anyways

  5. ����������
    Toke why


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