You Need to Backoff Now, I'm His New Girlfriend.

March 09, 2019

 I know you feel heartbroken that he has finally moved on with me. It’s been three months since you guys broke up. You’re probably wondering about how he could quickly slide into another relationship.

Or were you wondering if letting him go would be a mistake and you decided to stick around waiting for him to want you back?

Girl, you’re hurting yourself. I know it hurts to think that you’ve been replaced, you’re not. He simply found a way to make himself a better person by being in a relationship with me.
You send so many epistles. It’s hurting us. Why are you trying to guilt-trip him like ending the relationship wasn’t mutual?

I know whatever happened between you is none of my business but now, you’re interfering in our happiness. You’re making him feel like he’s the worst person on earth even if he’s clearly not.

You’ve been stalking me. You view all my Instagram stories and videos. You’re really hurting yourself. He’s not responding to all your flirty texts and nude pictures. Leave him the hell alone. He gives me the phone to reply you. So, all the messages you got back are from me not him. I’m tired of pretending that you don’t hurt both of us.

Stop telling his friends to talk to him about you. It provokes me when they ask about you from him. 

I feel awesome watching your miserable heart plead for his love and attention. At first, I felt our relationship wasn’t going to last because of your interference. You know what is more adorable? It’s more adorable that he’s so madly into me and he isn’t gonna fall for you again. It gives me so much assurance that he loves and respects my relationship with him.

See, I didn’t steal him from you. You guys broke up. He told me all about it.

But please let him go. You need to accept that if he wasn’t already done with you, he wouldn’t be in a serious relationship with me. I know it might be hard for you to give up. I’ve been there and I don’t want you to be stuck in your past. There’s so much relief when you accept your loss, grieve the pain and move on.

I want you to know that I’m never gonna walk away. I love him and if you’re not going to leave him alone, you leave me no choice than to fight you.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be friends with him but tone down everything and stop acting like I don’t exist.

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  1. This life.. its beautiful.. and everything seems to be falling apart...lool

  2. This is awesome. It's just showing a bit of jealousy that the womenfolk exhibit. Lol... I enjoyed every bit of it. Toke! Move one!

  3. I want to know how a girl will feel when her ex is being touchy touchy with her friend

    1. You might feel a bit jealous and find it disrespectful but then,

      Just drink water and mind your business Biko!!!😂😂😂. It's ex nah.

  4. If the break up was actually mutual then the girl should free them. She should learn to accept her own decisions

    Nobody forced her to break up

    And abt being friends at this moment, I think they should define how close the friendship should be

    If she's offering friendship,there should be limits. They broke up three months ago so no matter how I think some strings will still be attached

  5. I enjoyed this piece, awesome write up Toke. This is really a lot of people and they need to learn! All that incessant messages, calls, stalking his new partner and even sending threats is so childish plus very annoying. I know it's not easy sha when someone you love really well breaks up with you and goes for another girl but When someone is done, you too be determined to be done and move on. If he now realise he made a mistake, na him go find you and it will now be your choice to take him back or not.

    ��shey na me write all these ones? Relationship counselor career loading... 5%

    1. Lol, one of the longest comments here.
      You have said it all.

  6. Hmmmmm.. Awesome @ TokeSuave, I am currently going through this.. More Inspiration.

  7. How would you feel if your friend snatched your boyfriend

    1. Who would snatch what I don't have? 😂😂.

      On a serious note, I would feel bad but it all depends on the situation. But no one would snatch my boyfriend from me if we weren't already at our breaking point.

  8. Break up is very very painful especially if you were so into your ex but it's all good sha...Life goes on. Thanks Toke, this relieved me a little

    1. I understand. It's very tough especially when you don't do things you used to fo together again. But life goes on.

  9. Sounds like someone is all shades of jealous. I don't think she needs to fight her, it's her man that needs to stand firm. Even if she fights the other lady, he's still gonna leave if he wants to...


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