How to Date Tech Bros 101

Paystack just recently got acquired by Stripe for $200m and a lot of women have gone yada yada on the Nigerian internet and suddenly want to date tech bros. Our own congratulations goes to Sola Akinlade and Ezra Olubi anyways, we are proud.

With their cultural turtlenecks, hoodies and trainers covering, data-obsessed and computer analyst way of life, most people consider tech bros super smart and intuitively logical and rational. But just because they are extremely intelligent and making tons of money doesn't mean that they have emotional intelligence. A lot of tech bros don't know how to date. And if you have never met a tech guy, chances are you wouldn't know how to date them as well. So, here are tips of how to date tech bros.


Most tech guys prefer high energy and low drama ladies. They don't want relationship dramas. They prefer confident and judicious women. Just as they feel fulfilled taking on challenges, they want their way to a woman's heart to be earned. Just like men generally, tech bros values that which he has sacrificed greatly in order to attain. PS: Being  challenging differs  from being dramatic or hard-to-get technically.

They are always busy. I have a couple of techies as friends and trust me, hanging out with them means I have to watch them take on calls with their global clients which means I literally sit there doing nothing while they answer hour-long calls. After that, an apology isn't what they'll offer, they basically say stuff like 'Taking the call was rude but neccesary'. If you're not very patient while dating tech bros, you might blow up or even walk away before they finish their calls because every normal woman would consider that 'Just RUDE' and that might just be the end.

Some of them are shy, straightforward and perfectionists. Asides from being super fly when talking about the conventional tech stuff and stories, they are actually very shy. A lot of tech guys study pick up lines just to get a girl they want which actually doesn't work for a long time. For women who are naturally chatterboxes and attention seekers, it might be hard to fit into their one word, monotonous, boring responses and awkward silences after a while of their classic pick up lines. Get ready!

To keep things alive with a tech bro, you need to be universally interested in their tech world too. You could ask him if he has dreams becoming a startup founder soon or let him know if you have tech problems, trust me he'd be glad to help. That would spark up conversations. Well, if you are interested in politics, entertainment or science, you just have to strike a balance telling him about yourself . But the best way to engage them is to take a tour in their world. If you're not assertive in your own way, you might find yourself dwindling and loosing guard but mafo baby girl, you matter if you make them understand that you do. 

Most tech guys believe in the feminist movement. That is to say,  they admire women who communicate high value, embrace their inner vixen and show off their feminine energy. 

Wahala for who no like feminists sha.

If you have the heart of a tech bro, you have it forever. Tech bros are usually detail oriented. They pay attention to tiny details just as a tiny element can destroy their whole work, the every single letter in their code matters, so are you. 

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  1. I need a tech guy to practice these tips on please 😂. A very nice article by the way

  2. Great content.. and it's just the truth..

    Hahaha, tho our life are often bored to some people.. I've heard friends say I'm not conversational and boring..😳😳..

    Well, I can't help it.

  3. I just read this and .... 🤣.
    I agree on the part where we tech guys love to help out when it comes to gadgets but I must say ... WE DONT SUPPORT FEMINISM !!!!!!!

    WE like straightforward and strong willed ladies. With high energy and less drama.
    Only a handful of US are actually social :).

    1. Oh....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Okay you specifically don't support feminism.

    2. Most tech guys don't support Feminism especially the type practiced by Naija women. That's the only part you I feel you got wrong. Amazing write up.

  4. Nice one, ladies hope you guys are seeing this.... Less drama

  5. Great read

  6. Oluwa when would I meet my own tech bro na. These tips can't waste just like that ����

  7. Cooooool 😂😂 nice one toke


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